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This is a listing of weekly and monthly newsletters the Illinois Council on Long Term Care offers its members. A description of each one is provided for your convenience.

This Week is a weekly membership newsletter covering how regulatory, clinical marketing and reimbursement trends on the national and state levels affect the management and operations of Illinois nursing homes. The newsletter is written primarily for the administrator and department heads, assessing how national and regional trends affect the practical day to day operations of today's modern nursing home.

Clinical Capsule is a monthly publication from the Council focusing on specific clinical issues in long term care. Each month we will look at a particular disease or disease process. We will examine the treatment for this particular disease and the implications for nursing staff in long term care facilities.

Vital Signs is a monthly clinical newsletter focusing on the regulatory, reimbursement and operational issues affecting long term care nurses.

The Council Close-Up is a weekly nursing home quality of life newsletter featuring detailed descriptions of the state of Illinois' outstanding quality of life programs, as well as comprehensive essays on a variety of resident care issues. The Council Close-Up provides a forum for nursing home professionals to share successful programming approaches; learn the latest information about healthcare research and practice; and better comply with OBRA expectations.

Connections is dedicated to the vital people who live and work in today's nursing homes. It is published by the Illinois Council on Long Term Care.