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Dear Illinois Legislator,

Nursing and rehabilitation facilities provide a safety net of care that cannot be provided at home and cannot be found in a hospital. Nursing and rehabilitation centers deliver more advanced, essential clinical services to a wider range of individuals than ever before. Providing for long term needs that cannot be addressed at home or in the hospital is the reality of nursing and rehabilitation centers today.

Because of a state budget crisis in 1993, nursing home rates were "frozen" based on the costs and wages reported in 1992 and the condition of the residents assessed in 1993. The occasional inflationary increases of the past few years have not kept pace with real costs, real wages, and real patient conditions.

No longer the nursing home of the past, or even ten years ago, today's nursing and rehabilitation centers and caregivers provide and accommodate for shorter stays, higher acuity, and rehabilitative and restorative treatments like dialysis, ventilator care and sophisticated intravenous treatments.

In order to assure that nursing home care in Illinois keeps pace with the needs of its 100,000 residents in nursing and rehabilitation centers throughout the state, we need your help. Increased funding will allow nursing homes to ensure adequate staffing levels, and provide for the restorative, preventative and wellness services that our residents deserve.

Please help ensure this safety net remains strong, now and in the future. Thank you for your support.

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