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" A year ago I had a stroke, which is why I use a wheelchair. Therapy has really helped me a lot. It would have been very difficult for me if I didn't have this help.

I’m very happy that I’m here. And everybody’s so friendly -- they do everything for me. I’ve got no complaints about anything. I think it’s nice here. It’s wonderful to be very independent."


"I'm diabetic, Type II, and had some complications with it that resulted in surgery, which is why I'm living in the center for the time being.

People here treat me with respect. They take care of all of my needs. I feel like I receive special treatment with my therapy. I wouldn't ask for better therapists than Mike and Betsy. They're so devoted and it’s just like we're old friends. We joke and kid about some things and it really makes you happy to go. I look forward to my hour or two I spend with them. I'm going to miss it. They say I'll get some therapy when I go home but I will miss my friends.

My stay here has really been just perfect. Everyone has been very helpful, very beneficial in helping me so that now I can go home. Long term care will help me to get home again. I'm very proud. I can go home now and be independent."


"Long term care is absolutely required, it's necessary. We need long term care for people who require more care than your husband or wife or kids can give you, which is what happened to me.

The staff are patient. They will laugh with you and encourage you and if you can't do it, they'll keep trying, but they want you to work. Most things I do for myself. But they are there sometimes watching me, very patient and very helpful.

The people here care for the residents - they're joking with you - they're compassionate and they're trying to support and affirm you and get you to the next level. They don't want to see you sick. They're helpful.

I am eighty years old and I have noticed that things have changed and have gotten better in nursing homes. They have new things . . . new procedures, new processes, new techniques. It's just amazing."


"Two years ago I suffered a stroke, not a big one, just a nice little mini one. I needed some place to come that could take care of me because I couldn't do it myself. Since I’ve been here, things are fine.

I go to physical therapy on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. I do all kinds of exercises and it's beginning to help. The people here have been very encouraging. I'm very active here. I love to make toy rattles for the children. I enjoy it very, very much.

Long term care has put me back on my feet. Because of this facility, I am what you see today . . . a very happy, lady. Being independent, makes me feel very good."

Patricia Jean

"The center I've been living in is so wonderful. The doctors, nurses, nurses' aides are so good to me that it brings tears to my eyes. When someone is sick, they take good care of them. During the day we have a lot of activities . . . drawing, bowling. We even have basketball. We have everything. I'm so grateful to be so fortunate."


"I am very grateful to the staff here for all their encouragement and support. I have made many friends here and from that standpoint it will be difficult to leave, but life is a journey and I'm almost ready to embark on a new adventure."


"All of us appreciate everything the volunteers do for us. Volunteers really make a difference in just a few short hours."


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